Video Conferencing Psychology Sessions Australia Wide

Connecting you to your psychologist in your home or workspace

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Remote Psych is a psychology practice that provide telehealth psychology services to people in regional and remote areas of Australia. This occurs through audio and visual real-time connection via computer, tablet or smartphone. We aim to provide access to therapy regardless of your location.

Clients seek therapy for a variety of reasons. Some of these include...

  • feeling sad / depressed
  • being highly anxious
  • feeling stuck in a situation that is distressing
  • wanting to change a behaviour
  • struggling with an addiction
  • or you may be managing complex mental health issues.

It's during these difficult times that we sometimes need support, compassion and direction. Someone to reach out to.

The Australian Government provide financial assistance to people located in rural and remote areas accessing telehealth services. Find out more about your telehealth eligibility and fees.

Eligibility & Fees